Thursday, June 26, 2014


Dusty's Blog Post
Dusty on the left...a really tired looking Justin on the right at the Matola Maratima Lodge in Matola, Mozambique.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Click the link and check out Madi's report on the Women's Center and her experience in Mozambique. It's a great article! Check it out!

Madi's Article

Thursday, June 5, 2014



It was magical! That's the only word to describe it. Our group cleaned up nicely for the first time in days and headed out to the center. We were met by the beautiful women and the Hamblins. We did a little last minute cleaning and set up all the chairs and refreshments in the big room. Then we all headed out to the front to meet the government officials that came to celebrate with us. There was so much excitement in the air as they arrived and greeted us. Then we all headed back to the building where everyone flanked the gravel pathway that led to the front door. Mozambicans are very big into ceremonies. There were probably about 100 community members in attendance. They were all so excited and happy! The ceremony started with a ribbon cutting to enter the building. The area leader gave a speech about the women's center and the opportunities it will provide to the women of Boane. A few others spoke and the women performed a song and dance and some teenage girls from the school performed some dances. They were so amazing! The ceremony concluded with yummy cake and refreshments and a big ole dance party with all of the women and teenage kids. What a special event!
We've come full circle. From the first meetings about the idea of constructing a women's center in Mozambique over a year ago, to the grand opening of the (almost :) completed building. And what a mental, emotional and physical rollercoaster it has been. For most of our group, this experience has been the most challenging and draining one we have ever been involved in. The growth and learning we have experienced has gone far beyond what could possibly be taught in a classroom. The depth of understanding for this beautiful culture and people we have gained has been worth far more than the few thousands of dollars we each had to come up with in order to get here (even for starving college students). It's not something that can easily be explained or understood by someone who has not experienced it. We've gained joy and fulfillment by contributing to something that will continue to touch lives for years to come. We helped people. Nothing in life can bring the kind of satisfaction that comes when serving fellow human beings. It doesn't matter what higher power you believe in. It's a universal truth. Not only have we gained a sense of just how blessed we are by what we have experienced, but that when we give of ourselves to those in need, we come away with more than we gave. And I'm not gonna lie, it's almost addictive, but in a good way! It was a life defining experience and to all those who have thought about participating in humanitarian efforts, DO IT! So for all the supportive family and friends who helped us get here, We thank you! And the beautiful women of Mozambique thank you as well! They told us many times how grateful they were for our efforts. The mantra that I adopted while on this amazing adventure is this: Happiness is a choice. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Worked on painting walls, murals, and each other....and ourselves....

Other misc. finishing work

Cleaned center to prepare for opening ceremony on Wednesday

Brought in furniture and supplies

Power went out for a while...that was interesting

Lots of drama about what to title the building....

Settled on "Centro De Mulheres De Boane" which means Center of Women of Boane

Lots of interaction with the beautiful women of the area

Got great footage for the documentary ;) 

And now I'm all caught up on blogging...sorry it's not very interesting reading...check back again tomorrow! 


Got up and headed to Maputo

Some went to church while others went to the central market (kindof an oxymoron...)

Ate lunch at a little place near the market

Met up together and drove to a slum area of Maputo called Mafalala

Participated in a walking tour through the Mafalala 

Witnessed very humbling circumstances and learned a lot about the history and culture of the area of Maputo

Watched beautiful Mafalalan women perform dances and sing songs

Got funny pictures with them

Came back and ate seafood at the lodge


Worked a bunch done. 

Work days blurring together in a giant mass of craziness.